• A closed loop system
  • For aqueous cleaning medium
  • Alternative Immersion and/or spray washing
  • Fully automatic cycle via PLC technology
  • Great program flexibility
  • Effective vacuum drying of complicated parts
  • Programmable basket rotation
  • Fully automated process with large output
  • TWT-MONO or TWT-DUO as required
  • Up to 4 baths for cleaning available
  • A powerful and affordable alternative to other methods of cleaning
  • Each machine is filled with cleaning medium and
    run at factory prior to shipment
  • Machine is compact and ready to run
  • Built to CE standards to ensure safety compliance

Dimensions for TWT-MONO
   incl automatic loading unit
W x D x H inches (mm) 95 x 154 x 93 2400 x 3920 x 2360
Maximum basket size L x W x H inches (mm) 26 x 18.9 x 11.8 660 x 480 x 300
Max. batch weight lbs/kg 440 lbs 200 kg
Process Time TWT-MONO 6 to 10 mins
Total Connected Load approx 60 kW
Weight    without automatic loading unit lbs/kg 7920 lbs 3600 kg


  • Ultrasonic system
  • Filter bags for finest filtering of
         cleaning medium
  • Adjustable high-pressure flooding
  • Drying with vacuum and/or hot air
  • Automatic and manual loading systems
  • Other options available upon request
  • Please contact our sales and technical support center
    for a no obligation parts cleaning demonstration.