PERO V5 - Universal Vacuum Degreasing Systems

  • For use with hydrocarbon or chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent
  • All tanks are constantly under pressure
  • Air or water cooled
  • Automated operation using PLC technology
  • Indirect heating
  • Gentle distillation using vacuum
  • Residual distillation using vacuum
  • Safety pan below plant
  • Machine is compact and easy to run
  • Highest level of cleanliness
  • Each machine is filled with solvent and run at factory prior to shipment
  • Built to CE standards to ensure safety compliance
  • All US and European emission regulations are surpassed


  • Automatic and manual conveyor systems
  • Ultrasonic system
  • Rinse or rust inhibitor bath
  • PERO Gasphotometer
  • Baskets and palettes
  • Other options available upon request

PERO V5 Universal
Outside Dimensions L x W x H inches (mm) 300 x 116 x 140 7620 x 2940 x 3550
Basket Size L x W x H inches (mm) 49 x 33 x 38 1250 x 850 x 970
Maximum Batch Weight lbs / kg 2200 lbs 1000 kg
Performance approx 4 baskets /hour
Solvent Volume approx 1038-1836gals. 3930-6950 l
Distillation Rate Hydrocarbon
Chlorinated hydrocarbon
198.2 gal/h
145.3 gal/h
750 l/h
550 l/h
Heating Power 54 kW 54 kVA
Total connected load 100 kW 100 kVA
Weight lbs / kg 24200 lbs 11000 kg

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