PERO R2 Universal Vacuum Degreasing Systems


  for cleaning with all standard solvents:

  • hydrocarbons
  • chlorinated hydrocarbons
  • modified alcohols

The R2 cleaning plant degreases, cleans and preserves components in a most energy-efficient, economical and fast manner.

The plants of the R2 series make best use of the cleaning and degreasing properties of the various solvents. Operators can thus choose from a range of solvents in order to achieve best cleaning results for their specific tasks.
Machined and formed parts components

  • Manufactured parts and assemblies
  • Drilled, turned and milled parts
  • Punched, drawn and extruded parts
  • Precision ground parts
  • Close tolerance electro-mechanical items
  • Engine and motor industry parts
  • Parts for use in jewelry, watches and precision optical instruments
  • Parts made in plastics, glass ceramics and many more!
  • Exceptionally efficient cleaning under vacuum, also for parts with drill holes, undercuts, blind holes & components made in sintered metals.
    From standard size 380 x 220 x 200 to 1,000 x 480 x 380 mm up to a total batch weight of 200 kg.
    • Efficient cleaning
    • Gentle treatment of surfaces
    • Optimized part positioning
    • Excellent parts protection during transport
    Cleaning of:
    • Bulk Material
    • Rack parts
    • Individual components
    • Small Parts
    Cleaning in:
    • Baskets: universal / system / small parts baskets
    • Baskets in basket / carrier system
    • Metal crates; pallets
    • Insertion pallets; base inserts
    • Parts-specific inlays


    Choosing the most suitable parts carrier for a cleaning task brings many advantages as regards throughput rate, cleaning results and cost effectiveness.
    The bottom line --- your advantages    
    Remove dirt in the most targeted and efficient manner using the most effective solvent. Process a wide range of parts from many different materials using a single cleaning plant. Use the parts carriers you already have and combine them for best results.

    2 bath unit: Optimized arrangement
    of machine components.
    The thoroughput rate of a parts cleaning plant is determined primarily by the capacity of the parts carriers and the batch cycle time.

    Thanks to its innovative design and advanced processing technology, the R2 offers unrivalled throughput rates.

    As a result, cleaning with the R2 is more energy-efficient while the quality of the process is enhanced.

    Roller shutters at the rear as standard.
    Saves space and allows easy access.

    The thoroughput rate of a parts cleaning plant is determined primarily by the capacity of the parts carriers and the batch cycle time.

    Thanks to its innovative design and advanced processing technology, the R2 offers unrivalled through put rates.

    As a result, cleaning with the R2 is more energy-efficient while the quality of the process is enhanced.

    Energy Manager:
    • Adjustment of heating output in vapor generator for maximum efficiency
    • Operation in energy saving mode
    • Heat recovery
    • Low power consumption and low connected load

    • All baths are heated with solvent vapor
    • Process-controlled vacuum pump
    • Insulated pipes; insulated and lined vessels
    • Minimum solvent consumption thanks to vacuum technology

    Energy saving and filtration settings
    shown on graphic display.
    The bottom line --- your advantages    
    The compact R2 plant takes up only minimal space in your factory. Thanks to the innovative, modular design, you can invest in a tailor-made solution that meets your requirements. You choose the machine components, parts carriers and charging unit that best suits your needs as regards ergonomics and technical cleanliness.

    We have thought of everything: from the parts and your cleanliness requirements to remote maintenance.
    • Touch panel control
    • Week timer
    • Program pre-selection
    • Automatic shift function


    Intuitive control

    • Profinet for remote maintenance and data transfer
    • Automated lubrication of basket rotation unit
    • Roller shutter at the rear of machine
    The well-designed human-machine interface of the R2 allows for easy and safe machine operation. Clear symbols make the display particularly user-friendly.

    Multiple maintenance programmes allow for the automated maintenance of the cleaning medium, filters and distilling unit. Thanks to the week timer, the unit is automatically serviced to be ready for operation at the start of the next shift.

    Flexible cooling options

    Water controlled unit; Depending on actual site conditions connection to

    • on-site cooling water circuit
    • external air-cooled heat exchanger (optional)*
    • closed loop water return cooler (optional)*
    Safe operation also at increased ambient temperatures
    * installation adjacent to unit or outdoors
    - Redundant process monitoring system; acid sensor; vacuum system preventing emissions.
    • Additonal: Fire and explosion safety equipment (for solvents with a flashpoint > 55 °C)
    • Base tray conforming to German Federal Water Act WHG, dimensioned to hold the entire solvent content of the machine
    • Machine to European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and product norm EN 12921

    Secure remote maintenance access to plant via internet (optional). Remote access enhances the availability of the plant and helps reduce service costs.
    The bottom line --- your advantages    
    Easy operation and maintenance. No need for time-consuming staff training. Your employees work in a safe environment with minimum emissions. Fast and effective remote maintenance by Pero service available as an option.

    Mechanical cleaning features Filtration  
    • Swivelling, rotating; interval/ set cycle rotating. Diagonal positioning of parts carriers
    • Full bath, flooding and splash flooding
    • Splash flooding across entire depth of processing chamber
    • Vapor degreasing
    • Ready for upgrading with ultrasound unit
            Condensate drying in combination
            with vacuum technology.


    • Continuous full-flow filtration of medium: during filling and emptying of processing chamber
    • Additional bypass filtration
    Bath Maintenance
    • Consistent high distillation performance
    • Residual distillation under vacuum with automatic oil discharge

    Filters with sealing collars and mesh sizes of 150 to 1 µm clean the entire solvent volume of each bath.

    The parts movement is adjusted for optimum cleaning, based on the actual parts geometry.
    Vapor Degreasing
    Solvent vapor condensates on the parts in the processing chamber, removing all oil and grease.
    • If implemented as the initial step in the cleaning cycle (optional), vapor degreasing keeps the bath clean. For some degreasing tasks, vapor degreasing might even do away with the second bath.
    • Heats the parts to the temperature required for fast and economical vacuum drying.
    First bath in cleaning cycle
    The solvent is pumped from the tank through filters into the processing chamber. Depending on the requirements, the parts are mechanically moved inside the chamber for more effective cleaning. The solvent is heated by solvent vapor from the vapor generator for maximum energy efficiency.
    Second bath (optional)
    Solvent from a second tank is used to rinse the parts to remove brass chips, grinding dust residue, polishing paste and similar contaminants. This process might be omitted, if no such particles are present on the parts. Alternatively, the second bath can be used as a preservation bath (optional, with switching option).

    Ultrasound unit (optional)

    • Push-pull oscillator for efficient ultrasound transfer to medium
    • Enhances the efficiency of the vacuum technology
    • Parts are moved during treatment for best cleaning results

    Optimized position of oscillator for maximum mechanical effect.
    The bottom line --- your advantages    
    The required technical cleanliness is achieved by means of standard cleaning programs or user-defined programs. At the PERO Technology Center, the most cost-effective cleaning method (parts geometry and contamination) is determined. The high-performance vapor generator automatically disposes of all residual. Clever energy-saving technology and heat recovery are standard.


    Designation Data
    External dimensions: Configuration: (1-bath / 2-bath / 3-bath) 3.09 / 4.19 / 5.06 m
    (121.65 / 164.96 / 199.2 in)
    Depth (without charging unit) 2.1 m (82.6 in)
    Depth with automated charging unit, 1 lane 3.62 m (142.5 in)
    Installation height (without / with three-color signalling lamp) 2.95 / 3.03 m (116.1 / 119.3 in)
    Charging height for baskets 810 mm (31.9 in)
    Max basket dimensions:2 Length x width x height (standard / customized) 660 x 480 x 300 mm/1,000 x 480 x 300 mm
    (25.9 x 18.9 x 11.8 in/39.4 x 18.9 x 11.8 in)
    Max batch weight:3 Parts and carrier 200 kg (440 lbs)
    Cleaning media: Chlorinated hydrocarbons (PER, TRI, MC), hydrocarbons and special modified alcohols
    (with flash point > 55C)
    Throughput rate: Number of batches per hour for 70 kg (154 lbs) steel:
    Cleaning > vapor degreasing > drying
    Cleaning > rinsing > vapor degreasing > drying
    1 bath: approx. 16 per hour
    2 baths: approx. 14 per hour
    Max. distillation rate, depending on solvent type: 200 to 400 l/h (52.8 to 105.6 gal/h)
    Noise level < 75 db(A)
    Ultrasound unit (optional), power rating 3 x 1,500 W, 25 kHz, 19 W/l or
    2 x 1,500 W, 25 kHz, 13 W/I
    Total solvent volume, depending on model 1-bath unit: 540 l (142.6 gal)
    2-bath unit: 940 l (248.3 gal)
    3-bath unit: 1,340 l (354 gal)
    Heating output (Energy Manager) 10 kW to 30 kW
    Maximum power consumption, depending on model 42 to 60 kW
    Oil capacity (depending on contaminating oil type) up to 80 l (21.1 gal)
    Supplies: Compressed air 6 bar
    Cooling water 4 max. 32 °C, 3 bar
    Transport: Machine (weight / dimensions)



    Height without loading device 2.8 m (110.2 in)

    1-bath: 5,000 kg/3,200 x 2,200 x H 2,950 mm
    (11,023 lbs/126 x 86.6 x H 116.1 in)

    2-bath: 6,000 kg/4,400 x 2,200 x H 2,950 mm
    (13,228 lbs/173.2 x 86.6 x H 116.1 in)

    3-bath: 7,000 kg/5,100 x 2,200 x H 2,950 mm
    (15,432 lbs/200.7 x 86.6 x H 116.1 in)

    Automated charging unit, 1-lane (weight / dimensions) 1,200 kg / 4,000 x 1,400 x H 2,000 mm
    (2645.5 lb / 157.4 x 55.1 x H 78.7 in)

    1) All technical specifications subject to change. Errors and omissions expected
    2) Suitable for 1-lane, 2-lane or 3-lane charging. Parts carrier dimensions available on request.
    3) For higher weights, contact PERO.
    4) Other technical options and configurations available on request.

    Thanks to continuous distillation, a sufficient quantity of clean medium is always available in the machine. Oil and other contaminants that are not eliminated by filtration are removed from the solvent through residual distillation. The distillation sludge is extracted through gas-tight pipes to a drum for disposal.

    Test Run
    Prior to shipping your cleaning machine, PERO carries out extensive wet test runs of the filled and fully heated unit. During the test runs, the emission values are measured. We also check whether your parts carriers can be properly used in the machine and optimize the processes accordingly. On request, we even test the machine with the dirty parts you wish to process.
  • Quick commissioning on site saves time and money