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PERO Vacuum Automatic Cleaning & Degreasing Systems

  • Closed loop vapor degreasing with vacuum drying technology and sophisticated PLC control.

  • Rotary basket system with immersion, flooding, rinsing, ultrasonic and vapor cleaning cycles.

  • Continuous distillation and filtration ensures the highest level of cleanliness.

  • Fully integrated parts handling system using automatic conveyors.

  • Cleaning cycle times as low as 5 minutes.
  • Complies with the federal NESHAP's and state and local regulations for hazardous air pollutants.

  • Ultra low emissions and economical solvent consumption using EPA approved solvents.

  • Built to CE standard to ensure safety compliance.

  • 20 years experience in design and manufacture of closed loop degreasers with over 1000 systems installed worldwide.
Our answer to increasing quality requirements ...
Quality requirements are constantly increasing in manufacturing. This also places higher demands on the quality of surface cleaning. Because contaminants like chips, grease, lubricants, oil, emulsions, dust and dirt, as well as grinding and polishing pastes, can disturb the production process. Yet it is also necessary to remove these contaminants reliably and completely from work pieces before final assembly.

Given these conditions. cleaning, degreasing, rust prevention and drying are becoming increasingly important as these processes are critical to the quality and subsequent correct functioning of work pieces.

The increasing demands for cleanliness as well as major changes in occupational safety and environmental protection regulations, can only be satisfied by economical and functional automation of the cleaning process. The type and form of the work pieces, degree of soiling, material flow in manufacturing, and the desired process sequence in intermediate and final processing place high demands on the cleaning system.

PERO vacuum cleaning and degreasing systems fulfill these requirements.

... PERO automatic cleaning and degreasing machines.

Under this designation we offer four sizes representing the latest state of the art in the field of solvent cleaning machines. The series was developed from a long tradition in the design of low-consumption, high-efficiency solvent cleaning machines.
Therefore, we offer the user cleaning systems which:
  • clearly comply with the limits set by law
  • have universal applications
  • create the necessary conditions for economical and environmentally friendly cleaning processes, thanks to their process engingineering features.


PERO Vacuum Degreasing automatic cleaning machines permit the safe and economical use of solvents. They ensure a high throughput with consistent cleaning quality and are easy to operate. The series of models offers the user major advantages:

with automatic feeding for high performance.
  • universal applications
  • user-friendly layout
  • economical operation
  • high-quality components
  • intelligent controls
  • can be expanded with special options
  • environmentally compliant
  • comprehensive service package


PERO eliminates contaminants.
The quality of the cleaned work pieces must always be consistently high, regardless of how much grease, chips and other contaminants have been introduced into the equipment along with the items being cleaned. Therefore, PERO separates the contaminants immediately in the cleaning equipment. They have no contact with the following work pieces. Metal chips, flakes and similar contaminants are filtered down to a particle size of 5 m during each washing cycle in the main stream. Distillation processes remove dissolved contaminants such as grease and oil from the washing baths several times in an hour. The result is a reliable, consistent cleaning quality.

All solvent-resistant work pieces made of metal or plastic can be cleaned in PERO Vacuum Degreasing automatic cleaning machines. Depending on the degree of soiling and the desired cleanliness, the following programs are available:

  • cleaning in full bath 1
  • flooding in full bath 1 with repeated filtering of the entire solvent volume down to 5 m in the main stream
  • cleaning with ultrasound in full bath 1
  • cleaning in full bath 2 with almost total removal of grease
  • flooding in full bath 2 with filtering down to 5 m in the main stream
  • ultrasonic cleaning in full bath 2
  • vapor degreasing
  • oiling or long-term rust prevention
  • forced drying with recovery of solvent

Pero Vacuum Degreaser for processing pallets
PERO automatic cleaning machines are self-contained units. All cleaning processes and handling stages are carried out in the sequence and time that ensures an optimal degree of cleaning for the particular work pieces. Thanks to this progressive, user-friendly concept, the user is no longer tied to fixed bath sequences.

PERO does not leave cleaning problems to the user, they solve them with sophisticated engineering The items to be cleaned are placed in transport baskets, stacking boxes, or pallets and are cleaned, degreased, and dried under program control. The baskets or boxes are rotated or tilted during the cleaning process. Parts which collect liquid are rotated, sensitive work pieces are usually only tilted, and the angle of tilt is programmable. This avoids damage to the parts being cleaned.

The working chamber can be loaded manually or automatically. In order to achieve very high efficiency of the equipment, all mechanically moving parts are arranged so that they avoid the solvent. The dissolved oils and greases are continually cleaned from the bath by distillation using the bypass principle.

The regeneration and filtration of the solvent ensures a consistent cleaning quality of all work pieces. Moreover, the considerable maintenance expense of conventional systems is greatly reduced.

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High throughput and easy operation yield good rationalization effects. PERO automatic cleaners are easy to operate. No knowledge of chemistry or process engineering is required. After the loading, the pneumatically activated lid closes the working chamber and the cleaning program selected by control commands automatically starts. The following steps can be selected, depending on the task:
  • prewash
  • prewash with flooding
  • rinse
  • ultrasonic prewash
  • solvent-vapor degreasing
  • forced air circulation drying
  • rust prevention, oiling
Work pieces made of steel, which are not directly processed after the washing, usually require a temporary or long-term corrosion protection in the form of a thin grease protection film. A rust prevention process is available for this, operating by the immersion method.

At the end of all the work steps, the items are immersed in hot air. The solvent is evaporated and enters a recovery system (PERO patent), outfitted with deep freeze unit. Here, the vapor is condensed and returned to the system for further use. The air is then heated and brought back over the work pieces. The drying time is around 1 minute. When the work pieces ultimately emerge from the unit, even if they are closely grouped together as loose goods, they are completely dry and odor-free. Therefore, the exposure in the work area is less than 5 ppm.

Automatic loader with pneumatic separation
and code strip on the basket.

Basket identification by bar code

Basket code strip for wash program No. 6

View into an automatic loading unit

High-quality components guarantee a long lifetime.
PERO automatic cleaning machines offer compact design and high-quality workmanship of all units. Thanks to the self-supporting frame, they are transportable as one unit. A bottom pan closes the unit underneath, so that no foundation is needed.

Solvent vapor generator
The welded container has a slanted bottom. A dry running safeguard shuts off the heat when the solvent level is low. For easier maintenance, the vapor generator can be reached through a cover on the top of the unit.

Prewash unit
The unit is indirectly heated. The standard pressure filter can be fitted with options of a high-alloy steel screen basket or ultra-filter cartridge.

Working chamber
The front cover of the working chamber is pneumatically activated and locked. The unit is ready to operate when a control cylinder indicates perfect closure of the cover. A sensor (as per German Water Protection Law, WHG) ensures that the working chamber cannot be opened as long as there is solvent
in the chamber.

The safety sensor allows
opening of the working
chamber only if no solvent
is in the chamber

Looking into the working
chamber, loaded with
two buckets, with
clamping device in
horizontal position.

Bucket in "tilting" position.
Tilt range is programmable.

The baskets slide on rollers into the working chamber. Their mesh depends on the size of the parts being cleaned. A screen cover closes the baskets in the working chamber. Baskets with height-adjustable covers are available for pieces that may be damaged by rotation. The cleaning basket can be rotated during the cleaning or tilted to either side at any desired angle. The bucket holder in the working chamber can be adjusted to the dimensions of the basket.


Screen basket
Simple opening of the cover
by the operator.

Grating basket with drop handles,
outfitted with round basket inserts

Grating basket with plastic coated
"middle layer" for the cleaning of
sensitive work pieces.


Grating basket, outfitted for the
mounting of coding strips.

Typical assortment of work pieces, sent for cleaning tests to the PERO Corporation.


The control of the PERO automatic cleaning machines
Thanks to decades of experience in the design of cleaning equipment, PERO offers the user a control program that is unrivalled. The software includes:
  • The operating program
  • The machine diagnostic program
  • The wash programs.
The operating program controls the processes and functions of the equipment, while the diagnostic program constantly checks whether the equipment is running properly. Thus, the diagnostic program is especially valuable, since it substantially reduces the service time and thus assures very high uptime of the equipment. Finally, the wash programs simplify the operation, since the user does not have to set up his own program.

The PERO control offers the following possibilities and advantages:

  • 20 permanent programs for process cycles and movement of the washed goods
  • selectable tilt range from 10° to 90°
  • selectable drying times
  • selectable process times (full immersion baths with flooding and/or ultrasonic programs)
  • clear text display, indicating possible error sources
  • indication of the necessary maintenance schedule
  • temperature indication for the heating and drying unit
  • optional basket code system
  • manual operation during maintenance work
  • automatic resetting of the controls to the starting position
  • manual control for maintenance and troubleshooting analysis, with checking for operating errors


Control panels with display


Extensive array of accessories for the highest demands
PERO automatic cleaning machines, even with their standard equipment, can handle all ordinary applications in cleaning technology. For special applications and tailor-made integration in existing process layouts, PERO offers many special accessories adapted to the units:

Rust prevention unit
For rust prevention of work pieces made of steel or cast steel using the immersion method.

Rinse unit V2
This second wash cycle is used to rinse the washed goods with clear solvent. It is used to achieve complete elimination of grease in cases of extreme soiling, e.g., thin-wall pieces. The solvent is distilled, ultra-filtered, and returned to the unit. The rinse process can be further intensified ultrasonically.

Digital programmable weekly timer
With LCD, 100 hour operating reserve, 180 programmable storage locations for 7 days. Switching times from 1 minute to 24 hours per day. Winter and summer time setting, as well as holiday program. Can switch from manual to automatic operation.

Ultrasonic unit
For intense removal of polishing or lapping paste, flakes and dust. Can be used in the prewash and/or rinse. Comes with power monitor and optical display.

Roller conveyor table
Used by the operator to move a basket into and out of the machine.

Roller conveyor
For manual loading. The length of 9 ft. 10 in. offers sufficient
buffering for the baskets.

Automatic loader
Baskets of the same size are automatically fed, separated and loaded in the working chamber, and transported to the side through a friction roller conveyor after cleaning. The standard equipment provides space for four baskets on the entry and exit sides. Extensions are possible.

Vacuum Degreaser interior

Vacuum Degreaser interior

Single activated carbon filter

Magnetic plug insert


Responsibility for the environment
Automatic cleaning machines that work with solvents demand great responsibility from the manufacturer with respect to the people who will operate them and the environment. PERO has come to terms with this responsibility and created an especially environment friendly layout.

This is shown, for example, by the PERO environmental protection system "PUS" for recovery of solvent by deep freezing of the circulating air and vented air.

In connection with a filter cartridge, the slight residual solvent content is removed from the vented air. The concentration in the vented air is less than 20 mg/m3.

Constant metering makes sure that the goods can only be removed from the working chamber if the concentration of solvent in the unloading area is less than 1 g/m3.

A central solvent pumping unit and a filter drying unit make sure that residues containing solvent are removed in self-contained systems or only after drying (chips).

Protection of ground water is also important. Thus, PERO units have a floor pan which prevents solvent from seeping into the ground. The forced drying of the work pieces also ensures that the parts, if placed on the ground, are dry and therefore no solvent fumes seep into the floor

In order to prevent solvent from escaping from the working chamber, a sensor makes sure that the working chamber is free of solvent before opening the lid for basket change.

Inside of the Vacuum Degreaser


Pero DB 300VL distilling plant


This special plant is operated in Austria. The customer has to clean large quantities of plates and sections with lengths up to 118 inches, including absolute cleanliness in the pores. An automatic feeding system deliver the pieces to the unit, where they are systematically cleaned of all dust, oil, grease and tinsel. Proper cleaning ensures the parts are ready for plating. If you have any special cleaning needs or procedures, Pero would love to hear from you.


Utmost technical performance supplemented by a comprehensive service package
For over three decades, PERO has been supplying equipment for cleaning of work pieces. The name PERO stands for experience and know-how, high technical standards, as well as comprehensive service and consultation.

Thus, before the machines leave the factory, all units must meet high quality and functional requirements in a test run. PERO automatic cleaning machines are delivered as complete, ready-to-go, turnkey systems. In terms of construction measures, it is only necessary to hook up the supply lines. Once the tanks are filled with solvent, the equipment is ready to run. Our technicians will set up the machine and train the operators how to run it.

When trouble arises, customer service provides quick help and fast troubleshooting. For the user, this means maximum availability of their equipment.

If wear parts or other small parts are needed, computer assisted order handling of spare parts guarantee fast delivery.

with automatic feeding for high performance.