PERO ROTIMAT 2 Aqueous Washing Systems
Cleaning by the power of three ...

PERO washing units offer unrivaled cleaning performance. Thanks to innovative design and the use of the most efficient cleaning medium, PERO units combine economic and environmental-friendly operation with excellent efficiency.

PERO machines meet or even exceed the legal requirements as regards to health and safety and guarantee safe operation.

All PERO units are delivered ready for operation after having passed a test run under production conditions.


Clean with 120 gallons ...

The excellent clening performance of the PERO Rotimat 2 is based on the high volume flow with which the workpieces are treated. The heating output and tank volume are dimensioned for uniform good cleaning dynamics.

The parts are washed with alkaline or neutral aqueous solutions. The cleaning agent is sprayed through a system of flat and round nozzles at high pressure onto the parts to be cleaned. All surfaces of the parts are treated so that dirt, chips and cooling lubricant are efficiently removed. The machine is suitable for the cleaning of large single parts such as tools, as well as metals, non-metal and plastic bulk components. The turn table is driven by a maintenance free friction wheel

The vertical up-and-over cover allows for unobstructed access to the processing chamber. The machine can be easily charged from the front, e.g. from a hall trolley, or from above with a suitable lifting gear. The jog mode controls of the turn table facilitates charging and is particularly useful for the placing of heavy parts on the table.


Standard model
  • Electrically heated washing machine
  • Temperature controls with thermostat dry-run protection
  • Turn table driven by friction wheel
  • Preselection of washing & drying times
  • Centrifugal fan extracts vapor through your external duct
  • Filter in pump circuit
  • Safety switch prevents spraying when cover is opened.
  •   Optional equipment
  • Digital weekly timer for automatic switching on of heating
         prior to shift start
  • Automatic fresh water supply
  • Connection to PERO bath maintenance units
  • Connection for manual jet-cleaning system
    ROTIMAT 2 Technical Data
    Turn table diameter   39.4 in. 1000 mm
    Usable Height   25.5 in. 650 mm
    Maximum Charge Weight   661.3 lbs. 300 kg
    Charging Height   28.3 in. 720 mm
    Rotational speed of the turntable     1 minute
    Tank Capacities   120 gal 450 l
    Spray Performance   177 gal / min 670 l / min
    Spray Pressure   36.3 lbs / sq. in 250 kPa
    Heating     18 kW
    Total Connected Load     24 kW
    Outside Dimensions Length 110.25 in. 2800 mm
      Width 51.2 in. 1300 mm
      Height 88.5 in. 2250 mm
    Transport Weight   1874 lbs. 850 kg
    Subject to alterations