PERO ROTIMAT 3/U Aqueous Rotating Basket Washing Systems

The Rotating Basket Washing Systems ROTIMAT 3/U are compact, self-standing systems, that are transportable as a single unit. The factory floor is a suitable set-up surface. Special preparation is not necessary. Simply connect the various utilities, after that the mchine can be filled, heated and put into operation. All models are filled, heated and undergo a test run before despatch.

  • For small and medium batches.

  • For washing and rinsing.

  • With PLC - control and various units for automation.

  • Maximum basket size: 660 x 480 x 300 mm
    (26" x 18.9" x 11.8").

  • Maximum batch weight: 150 kg (330 lbs.).


ROTIMAT 3/U (Wash & Rinse)

Satisfactory Cleaning Results
  • Years of experience in cleaning
  • Extensive experience and know-how
  • System integration included in cleaning process planning
  • Effective spray technology, including complicated surfaces
  • Optimal assurance and reliability from components, parts and system technology
  • Highly effective, pump performance approximately 184 gallons/minute
Lower Consumption, Lower Operating Costs
  • Effective heat insulation
  • Controllable process temperature
  • Consistent process runs
  • Equipped for extended lifespan of cleaning medium
Operator & Service Friendly
  • Washing, rinsing and drying in automatic sequence
  • Simple service, no special training required
  • Automatic function monitor
  • Users guide with error indication and storage text
  • Control memory with 20 cleaning programs
  • Unrestricted access to all service points
  • Simple filter changes
Long Lifespan
  • STAINLESS STEEL construction
  • Worry free operation
  • High quality construction parts and components
  • Small parts and instruments, chrome or nickel coated
Highly Effective
  • Cleaning time of one cycle: 6-10 minutes (average time)
  • Heating time of the system: approximately 2 hours

This machine that switches from washing to rinsing offers, by cleaning smaller and medium sized parts, an economical alternative to bigger systems. The cleaning medium recommended for use is a sprayable cleaning solution (alkaline, slightly acid or neutral). Stainless steel and nickel-plated components are used, and clear water can be used in the rinse circuit.

The rotating basket cleaning system works with two separate wash systems. After one another flows the following work operation automatically:

  • Washing with detergent strength 2-5%
  • Rinsing with detergent strength 0.5-1%

Through the cleaning the dirt, chips and oil dispersion is removed. The connected rinsing bath improves the cleaning effect and removes at the same time the cleaning detergent residue. Depending on the detergent, a cleaning result is achieved to allow painting or gas-nitrite hardening of the parts.

The wash and rinse temperatures coincide with the cleaning task. They are maintained at a level between 140° (60° C) and 158° (70° C) degrees Fahrenheit. The cycle times are programmable from 0 to 999 seconds.

The part's own residual heat energy helps to achieve the drying of the work pieces.

The drying process is improved through the exhaust of the water vapor mist, and at the same time, supply of room air into the chamber. The water vapor is exhausted through an integrated exhaust pipe and blown into the open air. When an aqueous medium is used, the unit does not fall under state and federal environmental compliance regulations for solvent machines.

Rotating Basket Washing System ROTIMAT 3/U


  • Manual or automatic supply of cleaning goods. Small parts and thin goods in baskets, single parts on racks or tranport pallets.
  • Automatic closing of the main door to the work chamber
  • Automatic operation of the cleaning programs
  • Spray washing
  • Spray rinising
  • Rotation drying
  • Automatic opening of the main door after program completion
  • Manual or automatic removal of the cleaned goods



  • Separate piping circuits for wash and rinse tanks
  • Heating the detergent tanks with electric immersion heaters. Non-standard power supply uses a heating register
  • Opening and closing the work chamber with pneumatically operated main door
  • Filter basket with fabric enclosure to catch the chips in the wash and rinse circuits
  • Radial ventilator to exhaust the water vapor over an integrated exhaust pipe into the air
  • Electrical cabinet with PLC control. Simple program input and editing
  • Basket rotation protected by slip clutch


The PLC control in the electrical cabinet holds the following programs:
  • General work and operation programs
  • Machine diagnostic program with clear text display and operations guide
  • Selection of programs, operation time and material movement in the work chamber

The operation panel contains the important service and control elements that are easy to understand, recognize and locate. From this input location the selected programs, time and handling temperatures are entered and controlled. Quick error analysis through a clear text display is possible from this location.


  • Digital weekly timer for automatic start of the heating before work begins
  • Automatic fresh water supply
  • PERO bath maintenance unit constructed of stainless steel to remove oil from the wash bath surface
  • Mist condenser to condense the water vapor mist and to reclaim the wash medium
  • Drain pump unit to empty both detergent tanks
  • Additional pressure filter with mesh size 400 micron
  • Dual directional motor for basket rotation
  • Roller table with manual conveyor and pneumatic basket lifter. Standard length 120 inches
  • Roller table with automatic conveyor for load and unload of the goods basket. Standard length 145 in (3700 mm)
  • Air heater to improve part drying


Automatic loading of
the parts basket into
the work chamber.

Wash and rinse tanks.
Excellent access to
the service areas.

Filter basket with fabric enclosure
in wash and rinse circuits.

ROTIMAT 3/U Technical Data
Basket Dimensions L x W x H inches (mm)   26 x 19 x 12
Basket Capacity   max lbs. Kg   330 (150)
Loading Height   inches (mm)   36 (915)
Tank Capacity Wash Bath gal (liters)   120 (45)
  Rinse Bath gal (liters)   131 (500)
Basket Rotation Device Motor hp (kW)   .2 (.15)
  Revolutions rpm   4.1
Exhaust Blower Output ft3/min (m3/min)   865 (24)
  At at(bar)   0.005
  Connection hp (kW)   .115/1.36 (0.085/1.0)
Wash Pump Output gpm (l/min)   184 (700)
  At at(bar)   2.5
  Connection hp (kW)   7.5 (5.5)
Rinse Pump Output gpm (l/min)   184 (700)
  At at(bar)   2.5
  Connection hp (kW)   7.5 (5.5)
Connected Load w/ Electric Heat KVA (kW)   52
  w/ Foreign Heat KVA (kW)   7
Heating Current   KVA (kW)   18+27
Main Voltage (Primary) V, Hz   400/230, 50
Control Voltage (Secondary) V   230 AC
Outer Dimensions Width inches (mm)   128 (3250)
  Depth inches (mm)   67/114 (1700/2900)
  Height inches (mm)   83 (2100)
Net Weight without auto conveyor lbs. Kg   3750 (1700)
  with auto conveyor lbs. Kg   4850 (220)